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    One day, as he was having his routine walk, he stopped for a short rest atthe site of theThracian tomb of Sveshtari. He heard a voice: “Following the footprint of the Thracian people of Getae…..”, and he began listening. As he was listening to the voice, the story was unfolding live in his mind: how the Getae people believed that this life was just a small portion of their entire life and how this belief was inspiring them to celebrate Death and give a special honor to it by building four-, five-chamber stone tombs with long corridors and 2 – 3 meters high ceilings. Following the voice, he stepped into various rooms which had different purposes, each with the size of a today’s residential room. After exploring the chambers, the voice “took” him to the riverside, where the boats were just tying up from their long journeys to various seas and distant places. Suddenly, he found himself “sitting” together with Rulers, enjoying their conversation and wine, which was offered to him in a big golden rhyton. He ran his hand over to feel the sleek hair of the favorite horse of one of the Rulers……When the voice stopped, he looked around with amazement: an overwhelming silence had casted upon the site!

    He could not resist the memory of this silence, which was taking him backto the tomb again and again, every year.

    …one step, and another…..his journey of discovery of the Getae has commenced!

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