• Project-Partner-5

    Heritage Interpretation Center, Bulgaria

    Phone: 00359 2 491 42 13
    E-mail: mborisova@bitex.com

    Heritage Interpretation Center, responsible for promotion, publicity, valorization and dissemination of the results of the HeriQ project, was established in 2011 with a purpose to undertake research related to the principles and practice of heritage interpretation, to accommodate good practices and to foster professionalism by establishing common standards for heritage interpretation. It cooperates with domestic and international organisations.

  • Project-Partner-4

    Mediterranean Centre of Environment, Greece

    Phone: 0030 210 98 87 630
    E-mail: info@medcenv.org

    The Mediterranean Centre of Environment-Greece is a non profit organisation founded in 1992 by a Franco-Hellenic team willing to promote sustainable development on a local scale in the Balkan and Mediterranean countries.

    Τhe Mediterranean Centre of Environment sets up local, national and European projects in order to:

    • contribute to the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, encouraging joint action and mutual respect of the various cultures
    • raise awareness of the population, particularly young people, of the need to protect their heritage and their environment
    • carry out local programmes aimed at preserving and enhancing natural and cultural heritage

    For 20 years it has been operating as co-ordinator or partner of European projects dealing with environment and rural cultural heritage.

  • Project-Partner-3

    ISTITUTO PANGEA – European Institute for Environmental Education, Interpretation and Training, Italy

    Phone: 0039 0773 511 352
    E-mail: campus@istpangea.it

    PANGEA Institute, the partner, responsible for quality assurance of the HeriQ project, was established in 1992 in the Circeo National Park with the mission of improving the level of public awareness and parks management through environmental education and vocational training programmes for protected areas’ staff, public administrators, teachers, educators, interpreters, schools, families, etc. It has carried out more than 20,000 hours of training and education involving about 7,000 people. It is specialized in interpretive planning, heritage interpretation training, design of interpretive facilities and media and written interpretation, environmental education. Accordingly with the national law it trained almost all the interpreters who work in the Italian parks as guides. It is a member of IUCN – and it has been involved in the “ETTF – European Training Task Force of its Commission on Protected Areas”.

  • Project-Partner-2

    Bildungswerk interpretation, Germany

    Phone: 0049 (0) 5542/505873
    E-mail: mail@interp.de

    Bildungswerk interpretation (Institute for Heritage Interpretation), the transfer partner in the HeriQ project, is responsible for the introduction of the ParcInterp qualities and standards and for the training of interpretive agents, according to the ParcInterp system. Bildungswerk interpretation was established in 1993 as a heritage training and planning organisation, while ParcInterp is recognized as a UNESCO pilot project for integrating ESD (education for sustainable development) into heritage interpretation.

  • Project-Partner-1

    APARE – Association for Regional Action and Involvement, France

    Phone: 0033 490 85 51 15
    E-mail: apare@apare-gec.org

    APARE, a HeriQ project partner, has more than 30 years of experience and is recognized by the French government and EU as the European youth organization focused on heritage preservation in a format of international campuses. APARE is involved in non-formal education and training with activities in the field of professional training.


    NASMB – National Association for Small and Medium Business, Bulgaria

    Phone: 00359 2 491 42 13
    E-mail: nasbm.bg@gmail.com

    NASMB, the lead partner in the HeriQ project, was established in 2000 as an employers’ organisation with a mission to support the formation of a knowledge – based society in Bulgaria. By its VET training Center, NASMB facilitates capacity building of NGOs, public and private organizations. NASMB is the founder of the Cultural Industries Cluster in Bulgaria.